Common Concerns Of Our Clients

Depression and Anxiety
Family Conflict
Relationship Difficulties        
Pregnancy/Prenatal issues

"There are many reasons people need to see a therapist, these are some of the issues the clients we see face"
“I don’t want to be put down by my partner but I need him for survival”
“I feel like I don’t fit in 
"I am never going to get a boyfriend” ..or.. “I am a magnet for toxic relationships!”
"I am contemplating whether my life is worth living”
“My partner has been cheating on me"
"She just packed her bags and left”
“My daughter is cutting herself”
“My son is taking ice... again”
“My partner is drinking again and Im worried about the children"

“I am too anxious to talk to people and can’t have fun anymore”

“My daughter has a chronic medical condition"
"My children are not coping well after our separation/divorce”
“My 6-year old throws tantrums for no reason–is this normal?”
“My husband has bipolar disorder”
“I am several inches from divorce and don’t know what to do” 
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