Couples Counselling

"Assisting couples in addressing destructive patterns before they damage the relationship."

Are you struggling to make your relationship work?
Are you feeling lonely or misunderstood?
Are you stuck in a cycle of blame and defensiveness?
You're not alone. 

Couples need to interact and communicate well to organise their daily lives, have plans and hopes for the future, and share the many emotional experiences that life raises together. 
Problems often arise when couples become stuck in repetitive and destructive patterns of behaviour and thinking. When anxiety increases within a person or a relationship, people often revert to unhelpful actions such as withdrawing, criticising, attacking or becoming defensive.
When these events become the norm in relationships, they usually intensify a problem rather than solve it. This can lead to becoming distant, hostile and volatile. Coming to therapy as a couple can enable you to identify these processes and help you restructure the relationship, allowing for greater happiness, intimacy, and goodwill.
 ​What happens in couples therapy?
  • The initial meeting is a joint session of 60 minutes duration to assess reasons for coming to couples counselling, the history of the relationship, past interventions and an overview of the patterns of interaction, problem solving and communication style.  

  • If it is deemed appropriate to continue with couples therapy you will be emailed a questionnaire to complete which will add to the information gathering process.  Following this, a 60 minute individual session is booked for both partners as soon a practicable.  This session is an opportunity to discuss family of origin influences and any other individual concerns. 

  • A joint feedback session is then booked which is 60 minutes in duration, to discuss strengths and challenges that have been identified via the questionnaires and joint and indiviudal sessions.  This is also an opportunity to discuss a plan for the therapy.
  • After the initial assessment phase,  it is recommended that a minimum of 6 sessions be considered  to help you become comfortable with the process, allow assessment of interpersonal (problems happening in the interaction between people) and intrapersonal (problems we bring to the relationship such as depression or anxiety) difficulties and consider goals for a positive, and most importantly lasting change. 
  • All couple sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration and can be scheduled weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your unique needs as a couple. 
  • Couples who may be considering a separation can also benefit from a series of sessions to consider if there is flexibility or room for change.  In some cases, working at separating "well" can be a valid reason for couples work. 

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